Dudley MBC streamline Temp Solutions

Dudley Council are constantly looking at how they can use our e-Recruitment system, TalentLink, to support their different recruitment activities.

Recently they have used the system to support them in delivering, hosting and administering their own in-house staffing agency, which provides casual worker support across the authority.

Chris Boote, WMJobs Senior Business Partner, gives an overview of the issues Dudley were facing: “Before the move to our e-Recruitment system, TalentLink, Dudley Council had a bank of casual workers across different areas ranging from admin and drivers to gardeners and cleaning.

“The process to support the management of the causal workers and placing them into roles was previously done all offline and was administration heavy.

“This had the knock on effect of  preventing their team from focusing on bringing in quality candidates and filling more roles which then invariably got backfilled by expensive external agency staff.”

“This led Dudley to want to use the  functionality available in TalentLink to minimise the volume of administration within the team to then free up their capacity to grow the service and reduce the agency spend of the authority.”

The WMJobs team sprang into action and  held a scoping session with Dudley to understand their objectives for their in-house agency and to review how we and the TalentLink system could help them meet their objectives.

The objectives were:

  • Improvement of the manager and worker experience
  • A process that requires less administration and is more electronic
  • Growth of the service to reduce agency spend and generate income
  • Behave more like an agency
  • Better reporting

Working closely together, Dudley MBC we set about delivering a project to implement their in-house agency process into TalentLink that required the configuration of:

The candidate pool – moving to an open pool approach to allow Dudley to manage the candidates easier, have them all in one place, have their own selection process that works for how they bring their candidates into the pool and get them ready for placement.

The placement process – The bespoke process that will sit under their In-house agency structure in the system and allow them to manage placements from their creation to their completion.

The project ran smoothly and has recently been completed, so Dudley are currently underway with launching the new process to their managers.

Becky Sidway, HR Services Manager – resourcing said: “As Dudley embarks on a journey of transformation we are continually looking at enhancements to our services and processes.

“Working in partnership with colleagues from WME, I am very excited and pleased to say that this will help to shape the future of Temp Solutions through a digital platform and is a very positive approach to streamlining and effectively managing our temporary casual bank bringing together improvements to both our managers and workers.

“A massive appreciation to WME and our HR Resourcing Team in making this happen and all the benefits it will bring to the service.”

To speak to one of the resourcing specialists in the WMJobs team call 0121 569 2070.