Birmingham ready to go live with new e-Recruitment system

This year the WMJobs team have been working with Birmingham City Council (BCC) to implement our e-Recruitment system, TalentLink, into their organisation in support of their recruitment activities.

For BCC, the move to TalentLink comes after they identified that their current system would not deliver when it came to recruitment.  Instead of facilitating the recruitment process, it was making the process more difficult for both the HR team and the recruiting managers.  So, BCC took the bold decision to move away from using the system.

BCC also took this as an opportunity to review their internal processes, understand what they wanted their processes to look like and what they required to support them now and in the future.

After the decision to move to TalentLink was made, various conversations took place between BCC and the team, culminating in; the agreement of the scope and specification for the project.

The implementation of TalentLink then began at the end of the summer with a focus on delivering the new process in the system and achieving the following objectives:

  • Manage the end to end recruitment process within TalentLink
  • Provide self-service to managers
  • Upskill relevant users to be able to understand the system better to allow for future developments and local query resolution.
  • Streamline processes
  • Introduce an online, paperless recruitment workflow helping BCC to deliver on their vision of:

o   Improving the candidate experience

o   Improving the manager experience

o   Creating a resource efficient system for all

o   Working towards reducing carbon footprint through reduction in use of paper and printing

During the project the WMJobs team provided onsite training, support and guidance to BCCs project team, enabling them to build the system themselves and grow their own knowledge.

The sandbox config and testing were completed at the end of October and they are due to imminently sign off their live configuration with their preparations for when they Go Live in January well underway.

Chris Boote, the WMJobs project lead on the implementation, said: “It has been a great project for myself and, my fellow WMJobs colleague, Melissa, to work on. The project team at BCC have been fantastic throughout and it has been great to see how their confidence in using the system has grown as we have progressed through the project.

“I was really impressed with their questions during the live testing as they related to areas that most people think about once they are using the system and encounter different scenarios!

“I think this means they are going to be well prepared for when they go live.

“We are really excited to find out later next year how things are going for them.”

Watch this space for a full case study on the project.

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