New Look Application Form On It’s Way!

We are pleased to announce that we will be ringing in the new year with the launch of our new application form!

The countdown is on as we move towards the release of the new design on Thursday 4 January 2018!

Incorporating feedback raised by both the WMJobs team and authorities in the region, Lumesse set about to completely change their application form and with it the candidate experience.

Having quickly developed a modern, responsive application design that worked better for the candidate, the challenge for Lumesse has been to then retain key features of the existing functionality such as ‘Save and return’ and ‘Re-using a previous application’ which make it easier for candidates to complete the long applications that are used within the public sector.

It’s the successful delivery of these features that now enables the release of this new application and the feedback we have had around the new form has been hugely positive.

The new application brings many improvements for candidates to improve their experience and help them complete their application.

  • The design is more modern, buttons are more prominent, text is bigger in general its more intuitive for the candidate.
  • The application is responsive working across both desktop and mobile devices and providing an effortless way to navigate the application regardless of the device used
  • There are more ways to complete the application quicker allowing candidates to use previous applications or pull through details from their CV or LinkedIn profile to cut down on what needs completing
  • Field and section validations are more obvious helping candidates understand when they have completed a field correctly and when a section is completed
  • Adding and removing entries from areas such as employment history and training now behave as you would expect retaining your position on the page rather than taking you to the top of the screen!
  • Candidates can save their progress without being logged out of the application form making it easier to complete and not lose any details entered
  • An extension in the timeout process from 30 minutes to an hour gives more time to the candidate in their application whilst retaining some security so they don’t remain forever in their application if they were to walk away from it without closing it down.
  • If an application is going to timeout in the event of a candidate not selecting to extend their session or to save and exit, the application will now be autosaved to prevent candidates losing any progress before the session expires

Chris Boote, from the WMJobs team, said: “It’s another giant step forward in improving the candidate’s experience that follows the move to the new website last year.

“We are really excited about the release of the new application design and many subscribers have said the same thing to me, but I really hope everyone is excited about this from subscribers to the candidates themselves.

“Roll on January!”

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