Introducing our new pay and grading service

As part of the resourcing armoury, WME now offer a pay and grading service.

It’s fair to say that pay and grading is a key specialism within WME and in developing a support service to address growing demand from within the authorities, WME are playing to their strengths. The first step was to develop a job evaluation offer which was piloted with Dudley Council who had a pressing demand.

Having piloted the scheme with Dudley, WME were able to put an effective process in place to support JE requests set against realistic service level deliverables. Dudley were quickly joined by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and more recently, WME’s own host employer, Staffordshire County Council.

Rebecca Sidaway, HR Services Manager at Dudley MBC, said:

“A massive thank you and our sincere appreciation goes out to the WME team for the expert advice and support they provide us here at Dudley MBC and for working with us to ensure we complete all our Job Evaluations and meet the customer expectations!”

In 2018, WME are looking to develop this service further; encompassing the full breadth of their pay and grading specialism.

For more information on this, take a look at our WME newsletter  or contact Michelle Harte