Building the WMJobs Roadmap

Several sources influence the content of the roadmap’s including legislation changes, customer feedback and technical innovations brought to us by Lumesse. As we move into the new financial year, the focus on our minds is shaping the WMJobs Roadmap for 2018/19.

Before we look to shape the new roadmap we thought it would be useful to reflect on what was delivered in 2017/18

2017/18 WMJobs Roadmap

  • New responsive application form
  • Improvements to the user experience
    • TalentLink is responsive amongst all devices for both candidates and managers/recruiters
    • Navigation improvement enabling managers to return to the same screens
  • A re vamp of the Candidate Help Portal
  • Source part 1 – allowing more detailed searches for those using CV’s
  • Integration offers between TalentLink and your HR systems
  • Review of the latest technology to enable text messaging via Talentlink to improve candidate engagement
  • Onboarding offer Part 1 using Talentlink and Microsites to create the core foundation to improve engagement with new hires
  • Introduction of Qlik reports
  • On-going project working on an automated feed between WMJobs website and Universal Jobsmatch that fits with each authorities’ requirements
  • Subscriber Improvement Project – to improve our incident management processes. You can read more about this project here.
  • And the most time consuming and highest priority of all projects is ensuring all systems and process are GDPR Complaint in readiness of the new legislation

As you will see we have been very busy in making sure that we are bringing continuous improvements and innovations to your applicant tracking system.

Our approach to building the 2018/19 Roadmap has been a mixture of stakeholder engagements with subscribers, other Talent link clients, and our Customer Success Manager at Lumesse.

To determine the key priorities for our subscribing authorities in 2018, we invited them along to a recruitment and resourcing event back in February. We ran an activity called ‘What would you spend your £ on?’ (if funds were available!) in order for us to identify the key ‘shared’ priorities to which we should focus our efforts on.

Speaking about this event, Julie from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue commented:

“The day was excellent. A very informative, interesting and professional event”.

The top three items highlighted by subscribers to be key priorities were;

  • System integration between Talentlink and local HR Systems
  • Launch of the automated feed between WMJobs website and Universal Jobsmatch
  • Launch of text messaging technology to improve candidate engagement

Our next stage is to review the proposed technical innovations being proposed by Lumesse to evaluate a) whether these would be of benefit to us and if so then b) can they be made available to us from a technological perspective and at what (or no) cost

WMJobs works closely with Lumesse to evaluate all new functionality and the recent Lumesse “Co–Design” initiative has allowed us to input into future Talentlink developments which may benefit our regional authorities on 2019 and beyond. Whilst we cannot confirm all the technology enhancements we can highlight that the following are highly likely to be made available;

  • Talentlink Job Wizard
  • Calendar integration
  • Electronic signatures

Bringing all these things together creates a very full and exciting Roadmap for 2018/19 which we will be sharing with you shortly!

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