Ever wanted to instantly send a message to a candidate?

As everyone will know, good communication with candidates is vital during any selection process.  This was a topic of discussion during our last Recruitment and Resourcing event in February. In the quest to improve the candidate journey, delegates were very interested in how TalentLink can support in sending texts to candidates at any point in a selection process. With over 63% of the population possessing a mobile phone, 90% of text messages are reportedly opened and read within the first three minutes of delivery1; conversely an email may not be read for a few hours. As such, they are a great way to reinforce key messaging and build a relationship with candidates. We must ensure that we tap into this technology to improve our candidate engagement strategy whilst creating operational efficiencies along the way.

Working with Lumesse, we now have the potential to text candidates in bulk or individually. This service can be used to reinforce important items that recruiters may have emailed, wish candidates good luck on their interview as a subtle reminder or anything else within the selection process.

In recent weeks, the WMJobs team has been in communication with our regional colleagues to gauge the interest in a SMS (Short messaging service). As a result, we are pleased to support an initial group of 5 authorities who wish to start using texts within their processes.

This has been a successful example of collective buying power to achieve economies of scale. This service will be launching in June 2018 – should anyone be interested in using SMS, please get in touch with the team wmjobs@wmemployers.org.uk.

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