Recruit like a Marketer

The Digital Age is upon us, posing both opportunities and challenges toward finding, attracting, hiring and retaining the best people and skills your organisation needs to succeed. One of these opportunities like with any digital-driven change is the possibility of driving greater efficiency, visibility and control from a process through the implementation of technology. One of the challenges is applying this technology in a logical way that drives tangible outcomes, in this case your Recruiting process, and most importantly – with your current employees. What can recruiters and Talent Acquisition leaders learn from today’s digital marketers; adept at cost-efficiently tapping into the digital multi-verse, disseminating value propositions, and nurturing prospective customers from first interest (browsing a career site) all the way to the sale (new hire)?

  • Get in the mix – Apply the Seven P’s of Marketing into any recruitment strategy – utilising a set of common but crucial decision-making checkpoints to understand where to focus any recruitment efforts.
  • Understand the audience – What tactics can be deployed to better understand who your audience is, what motivates them and more importantly where to find them.
  • Build a community – How can social networking be utilised to segment and engage your target audience
  • Make the technology do the work – Leverage a framework of guidance to identify where technology and process automation can help to address all areas of the candidate/employee life cycle, thus continuously personalising and optimising the user experience.

On the top level when we think about driving a funnel of passive candidates into new hires, it appears there is more than a little overlap between modern recruiting and our world of digital marketing. But this doesn’t mean we should transform our whole approach and start attending CIM courses. The key is not to over complicate things. Recruiters won’t become fully fledged marketers overnight, nor would you want them to. But by understanding the principles and the mix of decisions marketers make, it may help you to understand the journey candidates go through and assist you to managing their journey in a more effective and engaging way.

For more information on this topic, see our Whitepaper –  Recruit-like-a-Marketer: Talent Acquisition for the Digital Era.

Article by Lumesse  

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