Introducing our 2018-19 WMJobs Roadmap

In last quarters newsletter, WMJobs discussed the work that has gone into compiling the roadmap for the coming year.We are pleased to now showcase the finished article!

Co-designed with both Lumesse and our subscribers; the roadmap gives you a flavour of what the focus will be, along with any new products and services you can expect to see in the coming months.

A key theme you will see running through the road map is enhancing the candidate and manager experience, including items such as re-vamping the new job requisition Job Wizard and creating a new dashboard tailored for hiring manager access.

We are excited to work with you all on these projects and, as you will see, it’s set to be a busy yet innovative year as WMJobs continue to bring you the latest technology advancements and products through the TalentLink platform.

Alongside the TalentLink Roadmap will of course be your local roadmaps aligned to your business objectives. As part of the discussions you are having with our Resourcing Business Partners, Chris and Dean, WMJobs will ensure that you are well informed about existing and new functionality which will help you achieve those objectives.

2018-19 tlk roadmap