Key ‘Digital’ theme shines through at Love Your HR Conference.

Still on a high from the success of the Love Your HR Conference in June, event sponsor and WMJobs platform provider Lumesse captured the digital theme when showcasing their onboarding and learning platforms.

Running demo sessions during the lunch break, Lumesse demonstrated to delegates the value and benefits of their services.

The Onboarding platform enables engagement and connection with employees before they start in the business.

Specifically designed for you and your new hires; 22% of new hires leave a role within the first 45 days and with turnover already huge, this is the perfect platform to help combat this.

With its sophisticated technology, the key outcomes of the onboarding platform are to:

  • Engage and integrate new hires before day one
  • Make new hires productive, faster.
  • Increase employee retention
  • Connect people, content and communications
  • Protect your recruitment investment

“It allows you to craft tailored communications using a simple timeline with a drag-and-drop editor and automate actions if needed. No need for IT or creative departments.  These can deliver consistent and personalised experiences for your employees, dependent on occupation, locations or anything else that comes to mind.  You can start onboarding workflows, send reminders and escalate tasks when necessary all in one place.”

For more information on this platform, please download the Lumesse whitepaper here. 

Want to know more? Then speak to one of the team today or at the next Recruitment and Resourcing Network. 

Lumesse also showcased their me:time learning platform at the event.

The learning platform provides organisations with the means to support self-directed employee learning:

“Employees are increasingly taking control of their own learning, and organisations are keen to support such self-directed learners so me:time gives instant, anywhere access to diverse and curated learning, supported by  AI-driven recommendations.  It provides learning focused on individual needs and goals and is available on demand on a full range of digital devices from desktop to mobile, allowing individuals to fit learning more easily into their lives.”

If you would like more info on the onboarding and learning platforms discussed, please get in touch.

We would recommend visiting for more information, in particular their client stories section to get a flavour on how learning platforms can help develop your employees.

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