Talent Attraction

Our aim is to support the public sector attract and retain the very best talent. The work that has been carried out over the last 12 months has been with this mission in mind – and what a fantastic 12 months it has been!

It’s important that we take the time to look back at what we have achieved, in order to evaluate how we can improve in the future and better understand where to focus our attention.

So, what do WMJobs have to say about 2017-18?

A vital element in attracting talent to the public sector is to continue to increase the quality candidates to the WMJobs website. Take a look at these stats on how this has been achieved:

infographic newsletter stats

The WMJobs website is growing from strength to strength and working hard to maintain a constant flow of candidates to roles; it is also critical that WMJobs appreciate and examine the holistic picture to determine the success of subscriber’s talent attraction strategies.

Senior Resourcing Business Partner, Chris Boote, recently carried out a research piece for one of our subscribing authorities. During this we explored how well their attraction strategy was working for them taking into account: retention rates, job seeker traffic and salary benchmarking to name a few.

Key findings indicated that the most successful source of applicants was the WMJobs website (as it is in essence owned by the Council as their career site). Word of mouth and then social media were then the next biggest sources.

Whilst external advertising may be required for some niche roles, the success of these sources are not always measured and hence can be difficult to conclude true ROI and recommendations for continued use – that doesn’t mean to say it can’t be done however!

Another means of attracting talent is through social media channels; WMJobs are proud to have attracted over 570,000 views across social media last year, resulting in strong referrals to the WMJobs website.

Again, whilst WMJobs social media channels are growing, we ask you to think about how your organisation can value from using social media to further enhance your talent attraction strategy.

The research mentioned above highlighted that despite social media being the least used mechanism within the authority for attracting talent, it was the third biggest source of applicants. Furthermore, where social media had been used, the conversion rate in terms of hires were successful.

Therefore, we would recommend organisations to consider how social media can play a part of the wider resourcing and OD strategy.

“Social media is about telling the story, creating brand awareness and engaging potential candidates before a position in the organisation even arises”

– Illesse Uppal, Marketing Adviser at WMEmployers

“Talent attraction is constantly changing due to the needs of candidates, advances in digital, social media channels and how we interact with passive candidates. We need to better engage with candidates at all stages. Hence it is critical to consider the wider picture and question how your talent attraction strategy delivers to your overall OD strategy around talent retention and talent development.”

– Manny Sandhu, Head of Resourcing, WMEmployers

The work that WMJobs carries out to accomplish this and support your candidates journey is a vital piece of the resourcing puzzle and one that has been refined in the past 12 months:

“I received an express service and the problem was resolved immediately. I am ever so grateful for the excellent service, thank you”.

“I was struggling to send my application and so one of the staff supported me to submit the application. I’m very grateful. Thank you”

To see more of WMJobs performance achievements, click here to view the full infographic.