WME work with Stratford on Avon Council to appoint new Executive Director

WME are proud to showcase how they are working with you, and for you, to help build a stronger public-sector workforce for the West Midlands Region.

Their experienced resourcing colleagues were at the forefront, providing support to Stratford on Avon Council in their search for their new Executive Director – a joint leadership role.

The campaign generated an extremely good pool of high calibre candidates; many of which could ‘do the job’. However, the key for Stratford was very much on ‘how’ they will do the job and deliver to the Councils strategy.

The Council is on an amazing journey with great ambitions, and with new leadership in place, there is certainly an air of change and excitement.

Getting the right ‘fit’ for the organisation is key – especially in a joint management position. Hence WME adopted an assessment centre approach, complimented by the use of psychometrics, to help the Council tease this through the process.

Both WME and Stratford are pleased with the outcome and are happy to announce that after two days of intense longlisting interviews, followed by a two-day assessment centre, the member appointments panel were able to make an offer! WME look forward to welcoming the new Executive Director into the ‘West Midlands’ family.

Speaking about the process, Manny Sandhu, WMEmployers said:

 “The high calibre of applicants that applied for this role was astounding. It gives me great enthusiasm to know that there is a vast amount of talent ready to take the next step in their careers, and take on the challenges faced by both the region and the sector and deliver it with real passion”.

Cllr Tony Jefferson, Leader at Stratford-on-Avon District Council said:

“The District Council worked in partnership with WME in the process of recruiting and selecting our new Executive Director.  The professional support from Manny and her team was invaluable, and we are now looking forward to working with our new Executive Director. WME is a valuable asset for organisations across the West Midlands to use.”