Health checks: no thermometers, but a great way to share best practice and gauge performance!

We’ve been out meeting with several organisations over the last few months as part of our free health check service.  These meetings are a valuable opportunity to have 121 time with WME colleagues to pick up any “hot topics”, troubleshoot issues if needed as well as review system usage and performance.   Recently we’ve been speaking to colleagues in Lichfield, Wyre Forest, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Solihull and Staffordshire Fire & Rescue.

In each case it was interesting to hear the current priorities and challenges facing the respective resourcing teams.  It will be no surprise to hear that each authority is adapting to continuous organisational changes whilst balancing their ambitions for the future of their service.  As a result, a common theme was that teams are looking to maximise their resources and investment, using digital platforms where possible to enhance their selection workflows and processes, as the demands on their time are increasing.

Whilst broader resourcing discussions are taking place, the TalentLink system continues to be a key element of the agenda. One of the benefits of the shared system is that it can be configured locally to fit requirements and we can build upon successful functionality used with other partner organisations.  So, during these meetings we talked about what TalentLink can do to support or automate a selection process.  These included online references, performance and housekeeping reporting, electronic conditional offer with comprehensive candidate response and automated contracts (amongst others). It was also evident that some authorities are looking at elements of manager self-service, so it was good to talk through the options available.

Demonstrating the value of these health checks, Ruth Bartlett from Nuneaton and Bedworth commented:

Nuneaton&Bedworth“Meeting with Dean was our first insight into what the system could do for us. Bringing the service back in-house after almost ten years was daunting but after our meeting we were reassured that the process would be a smooth one. The support that Dean and his team have given us has been knowledgeable and timely. The only issue for us now is holding back the excitement on how we can develop the system to make it work for us.”

Overall these health checks provided a great opportunity to share collective learning and best practice, as well as ensuring our subscribers are confident in our team and systems.

If you would like to schedule a health check meeting, please feel free to contact the team.

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