Working to deliver more for you, your recruiters and your candidates

Hopefully you will be very familiar with the roadmap and the joint focus of Lumesse and WME in providing developments and improvements to the TalentLink ATS.

The roadmap for quarter 1 was dominated, as expected, by GDPR. Whilst some work continues to take place to provide further GDPR functions, we are happy to be in a place where we can work with Lumesse to focus on other aspects of the roadmap.

There are some exciting new features coming later this year such as the re-design of the jobs wizard and being able to pick application questions from a question library. However, for now we have provided a quick summary of the areas we have currently delivered this year and the areas we are currently working on.

New or enhanced functionality delivered

Manager App – This has been enhanced and allows managers to view their jobs and applications received on their phone or tablet. Depending on how you have your process designed there is the ability to also carry out further steps of the process.

tickAvailable on both the iOS and Android

tick“On the go” access to related tasks and messages

Extended Panel Review – This provides more convenient and intuitive management of the shortlisting stage in the process whereby there are a number of panel members all providing feedback. This new feature helps both the panel lead and other panel members easily review applications and provide necessary feedback, whilst ensuring the lead can easily review feedback from the other members.

tickEasy to complete feedback report on the candidate

tickOption to use simple rating scale or add comments

You can find more information on the Service Centre for each of the above areas. Click on the title of the area to see the relevant page on the service centre.

Advanced Search in applicant list –Earlier this year Lumesse added this advanced search functionality into TalentLink. This resulted in users now being able to filter their applicants based upon the bespoke questions that they have added into their application form. This is great for Talent Pools or for roles with a big application response, where you have asked some specific questions to help you longlist initially.

We’ll be holding a short webinar on 8th November where the advanced search functionality will be one of the areas covered. To register for this webinar, click here.

Video App – The video app provides a way for candidates to record and upload a video answer to questions you have set as part of the application or later within the selection process.  Dean has recently shared information around this to understand who is interested and will then look at the next steps for taking this forward.

tickNot just a selection tool, helps support an engaging selection process for the candidate

tickApplicants can feel confident that they’re giving employers a true impression of their capabilities and enthusiasm for a role

Projects in play  

Universal Jobsmatch – Around this time last year we issued a survey to understand which authorities were interested in having a feed set up to automatically send some, or all their jobs advertised through WMJobs to Universal Jobsmatch (now called ‘Find a job’).

With the DWPs announcement earlier this year that they were switching to a new system provider, the work to set the feed from WMJobs to ‘Find a job’ was put on hold until the new system was put in place and bedded in. We’ve been waiting patiently for the green light, and having received confirmation in September of this we are now progressing this work and will be in touch with the authorities who expressed their interest shortly.

User Experience

  • Hiring Manager Dashboard – Currently in TalentLink there is just one dashboard that all users see. Lumesse have been working WME and some of their other clients as part of the co-design programme to create a simpler version for managers with less items displayed and the ability to carry out more actions from the dashboard. This has recently gone through initial testing and is currently visible in our Sandbox environment.
  • Simplifying the managers journey – We are exploring with Lumesse how we can use existing functionality in TalentLink to make it simpler for managers to navigate through the selection process and perform the tasks they need to do. This is part of our ongoing programme of improving the user experience.
  • Recruiters Dashboard – Similar to that of the Hiring Manager Dashboard, Lumesse are working to improve the TalentLink dashboard for recruiters. We are working with Lumesse on this as part of the co-design programme at the moment with the dashboard currently still in development, so we will share more information as this becomes available.

We will circulate more information around each of these areas as they become available as well as any updates on future areas of the roadmap. If you have any questions about the roadmap, please feel free to get in touch with the team or bring them up with us at your health check meeting.

Reminder, the health check meetings are for you to use as you need, including an opportunity to discuss;

  • Your recruitment ambitions
  • Your challenges
  • Any barriers you are experiencing
  • How and where we can add more value

All of the above can be within the context of resourcing and or system focused. For more information on our recent health checks, click here.

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