The acquisition of Lumesse by Saba has created a new talent management powerhouse. Manny Sandhu Head of Resourcing at WMJobs, attended the “Lumesse/Saba” Talent Acquisition Kick-off Event in Krakow earlier this year, to meet with their senior management team, to gain an insight into what this new relationship means for WME and its members.

Manny commented that: “The acquisition of Lumesse by Saba has created a lot of positive momentum in the marketplace, with Lumesse being a ‘core leader’ in applicant tracking systems with its Talent Link product and Saba a ‘strategic leader’ in learning systems (for more details on this I would recommend reading the 9-grid talent management report ) which for current clients is very positive news. Key messages from the senior management confirmed that they are dedicated to protecting the investment they have made and share the same commitment to the growth and success that we have come to expect from Lumesse. The capital investment that Lumesse will now have from an organisation like Saba should mean that we see even more innovation, which is critical at a time when we will be looking to transform the way we attract and retain talent.”

Phil Saunders, President and CEO of Saba said;

“Our acquisition strategy is aimed at becoming a transformative leader in talent management. With Lumesse, we are rapidly expanding Saba’s talent IP and building a global talent pool of professionals solely focused on the needs of HR leaders. Our combined team has deep expertise and local know-how to deliver outstanding value and results for our customers.”

Manny continued: “So what does this mean for us? Firstly, our inclusion at their internal Kick Off event  is a true reflection of collaboration and partnership working. Enabling clients to be part of their acquisition journey to understand the challenges and opportunities they will face, whilst also listening to their clients needs through discussion and co-design programmes in developing their technology is not something which many providers offer. The images below illustrate that they are incorporating what we know are current trends and challenges influencing recruiters, and building upon the impact of engagement driven recruitment through the recruitment process from a technology perspective. And most importantly of all, they are working with us to explore how best to develop employees with the new skills required to embrace a new approach to recruiting.

“In our next edition of WMJobs newsletter we will provide a greater insight into what you can expect from the service in 2019/2020 and how the team from Lumesse/Saba will be working with us and your teams, to ensure we fully embrace the power of the existing technology, to further enhance our ability to attract the very best talent and offer an engaging experience whilst doing so.”



To hear more we would recommend booking your place early at the next resourcing workshop on the 20thMarch. Book Now!

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