2020 Vision

With 2020 on the horizon as you would envisage, we are already putting plans in place to develop key areas of focus for WME Resourcing in 2020 and beyond. In this article Head Of Resourcing Manny Sandhu, shares key aspects pertaining to the 2020 Strategic Plan.

As many of you will know, WME recently onboarded its new CEO, Rebecca Davis (the creator of WMJobs many years ago!) and as part of Rebecca’s key strategic priority for this year, we will be consulting widely within the region, before launching a new Strategic Plan in January 2020. With WMJobs being a key product within the WME portfolio it is imperative that this service is also reviewed as part of that consultation.

As an organisation this represents an exciting opportunity, to re-think the shared service options you require from WME in relation to WMJobs and the e-Recruitment service. Our current contractual term runs up until 31st March 2020, with the options to extend until 2024. We recognise the significant commitment for organisations, both in terms of the service selection and financial commitment. We also understand the level of change taking place particularly regarding digital transformation across your authorities and hence we will need to understand how our systems fit into those longer-term plans and where they can add value to you. For this reason, our strategic consultation will include discussions around your future, so that we can plan for the continued provision of a shared service initiative across the region, in a delivery model which continues to add value.

So, what’s in store for you?

As your partner in the provision of recruitment and resourcing services, we have taken the time to reflect on where we believe we can add the most value to you over the next 12 months. To achieve this, we have considered the discussions we’ve had with many of you across the region, in terms of your challenges, ambitions and where you have felt we’ve added the most value to you and your teams. Internally we have looked at what improvements and changes we can make to ensure we’re delivering more for you. As a result, we will be looking at improvement programmes covering 3 key areas outlined below:

  1. Sector Approach

We will be dedicating more time to specifically work with regional and national colleagues, to strengthen the support and services we provide within two key sectors; social care (primarily children’s services, this year) and education (primarily schools and academies).

  1. User Experience

The user experience is critical to the success of any good resourcing service, both in terms of your candidates and your internal management team. To ensure that we attract the very best talent and provide them with a welcoming and engaging experience, our systems, processes, and customer engagement approach largely influences the outcome. So, we will be introducing new and improved technology in this area – removal of the Candidate HomePage being one of those areas. This will be coupled with enhancements to improve the process for managers and recruiters.

  1. Health Checks

The team have been out in the field conducting several health checks, from system audits, reports, drop in sessions and refresher training. The feedback from you has been clear that you would like more of this type of engagement, as it is adding real value to you and your teams. Consequently, we will place focus on this and host more opportunities for you to engage with the team at WME and with your peers across the region. This includes resourcing network events and open ‘recruitment system focused’ sessions. These will be  open to recruiters and resourcing managers, providing the chance for you to get up and close with Talentlink, helping you to keep up with the speed of innovation and enhancements to help you improve your user experience.

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