A Warm Welcome To Rebecca!

“It has been a few weeks now since I commenced into my role as WME’s new Chief Executive, and I’m thrilled to be on this new journey. I’m aware it’s a challenging role in a challenging sector, but one I intend to embrace and grow with.

“I am incredibly proud to say I lead West Midlands Employers and I am confident that we can redefine the organisation and its offering to the Region as I set to work on developing our new Strategic Plan for the period 2020 to 2025.

I’m very much looking forward to working with the WMJobs team to further increase our reach, impact and to continue to grow our resourcing offer. I will be collaborating with the team on upcoming key developments relating to the jobs board, making sure we continue with our efforts to improve the experience of both our regional authorities and candidates.

There is enormous opportunity for WMJobs that lies ahead, and I couldn’t be happier to support with the achievement of continued success. I continue to spend my 90 days really getting to understand the organisation and team, re-engaging with our client base and connecting with key stakeholders both nationally and regionally. I recently shared my reflections about my first 90 days and, you can have a read of objectives in my recent blog post.”


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