SMS Improves Candidate Engagement

In an increasingly connected world, digital engagement tools such as SMS are a critical part of the candidate attraction journey. Did you know 90% of text messages are opened and read within the first three minutes of delivery, compared to emails received which may not be read for a few hours?

As such, the use of SMS is a great way to reinforce key messaging and build relationship with candidates. Especially when the vast majority of WMJobs candidates are using mobile devices when browsing your jobs.

In partnership with Saba/Lumesse, the functionality to text candidates in bulk or individually, is now available in Talentlink. Some of our subscribers have implemented this as part of their candidate engagement strategy. From the feedback received this service has been used both to reinforce important emailed items, to ensure they get actioned, and to help in building connections with the candidates, such like wishing candidates’ good luck on their interview. We currently have 5 local authorities who are using text messaging as part of their candidate care.

Customer Spotlight on Sandwell MBC 

One organisation we want to place focus on, for their seamless integration of Talentlink’s SMS feature is Sandwell Council. They have integrated SMS functionality, to improve both their candidate engagement strategy, whilst simultaneously creating operational efficiencies along the way.

WMESpeaking on the organisational experience, Amin Aziz, Senior Resourcing Partner at Sandwell Council comments:

“We started using SMS messaging in September 2018 and to date we have used 428 texts; however, this is continually increasing daily. We started using the SMS functionality in Talent Link, because we were looking for a way to improve the candidate experience and offer great onboarding. We also use the function to communicate with our harder to reach applicants – I.e. Gardener Drivers/ HAS’s (should be HSA’s or Home support assistants) who do not continuously check emails. As well as communicating with employees who do not have access to emails. We also found that the SMS functionality was a great function to use during recruitment campaigns, especially where multiple methods of assessment and selection are used, for example, recent graduates and HLA.

Key benefits

He continued: “In terms of key benefits that we have clearly seen from using SMS, is that attendance at interviews has improved which in turn has improved our candidates’ experience of the recruitment process. Another plus that we have found, is that it triggers candidates to act e.g. confirm attendance to interview or complete an online assessment required. We also use the functionality to remind candidates to reschedule their appointments, which saves us time allowing us to plan our diaries better. The SMS functionality is also used to, notify candidates to check their email inbox/junk inbox, congratulating candidates on their recent appointment, along with using it to send urgent notifications e.g. change of interview date/time.”

Overall organisations must recognise the importance of incorporating various forms of digital engagement into their candidate journey to improve the candidate experience and retention and drive operational efficiencies. In our digitally-connected world, it proves critical to examine all candidate connectivity points and ensure we are impactful.

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